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Welcome to the transmodus payment processing platform. For this registration process you will need a copy of your most recent bank statement and your Federal Tax Id. At any time during your registration, use your mouse to hover over the Helpsymbol to find out what each item means.
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This service allows you to scan and deposit checks into your bank account(s) remotely through a check scanner. Remote Deposit Capture can help expedite your payments process and improve your work flow.
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This added feature lets you verify bank account information in real time so that you can limit the number of bad checks (and bank fees) when processing your check or eCheck payments.
Our eCheck services leverages the Automated Clearing House network to electronically debit or credit your client’s bank accounts. This faster, low cost, eco-friendly process is quickly advancing to being one of the most formidable and economical methods of payments accepted.
eCheck (ACH) Services*
Since 2002, transmodus has provided returns services for its clients. Our automation facilitates the returns process end to end, and best of all, you keep 100% of each return item’s face value plus a portion of returns fees collected.
Returns Processing*
Take your returns processing to the next level by letting us mail a letter and make up to 3 automated calls to collect on your return items. Our integration with partner collections agencies lets us use every avenue to get your funds collected.
Add our suite of premium features to your payment processing to increase your benefits. Premium services include:
• MICR Mapping (a feature that remembers the routing and account to the person making the payment so it is easier to post their payment.
• ACH Response Files (response files package the check data for import into an accounting system).
• RDC Response Files (response files package the check data for import into an accounting system).
• Custom File Builder
• QuickBooks RDC Integration
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